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  • 品牌:   YINGFENG
  • 型号:   YFW-194K
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YFW-194K series multifunctional temperature and humidity integrated controller can simultaneously measure and display temperature and humidity values. Products with RS485 interface, standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, remote and timely transmission of real-time data to the control center to achieve remote control. And compatible with various configuration software, such as PLC industrial touch screen, the product takes high-performance single-chip computer as the core, adopts Swiss imported integrated sensor design, accurate measurement, rapid response, good stability. The product automatically measures the temperature and humidity of the monitored environment. The product outputs four relay control signals, which can control four different devices at the same time, such as industrial dehumidifier, humidifier, spray equipment, refrigerating machine, heater (supporting special accessories can control common air conditioners), etc. It is suitable for automatic dehumidification or humidification in HVAC, communication room, data center, intelligent greenhouse, textile factory, logistics warehouse, aquaculture and other places, as well as automatic heating or cooling occasions. The control range can be set directly by instrument keys. The product has the advantages of simple installation, convenient operation and high cost performance.