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  • 品牌:   YINGFENG
  • 型号:   YF8015
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    YF8015 analog input module adopts imported high-performance single-chip computer and distributed data acquisition module with high-speed signal processor as the core. Products can measure 12 voltage or current input signals (type includes: temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow, valve, heat, current, voltage and other transmitter output signals). The true RMS of DC 0-100V voltage or 0-100mA current signal is measured. The product has an RS485 communication interface. Standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol. And compatible with various configuration software and PLC, industrial touch screen and so on. The product is manufactured by advanced SMT technology, and has a general 35mm guide rail clamping. It is easy to install, easy to operate, stable and reliable. It is widely used in various industrial measurement and control systems, gathering and mining systems, and has a very high cost performance ratio.